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Baseera Khan - The Liberator

Artistic Sculpture "The Liberator" Baseera Khan
The Liberator
Hirshhorn National Museum of Modern Art Exhibition Poster for Baseera Khan
Hirshhorn National Museum of Modern Art Exhibition

"The Liberator" As the winning piece of MTV's "The Exhibit" reality TV competition, Baseera Khan solidified her reputation as a visionary artist. Her 3D printed sculpture, "The Liberator," created in 2022, captivated audiences with its striking aesthetic and thought-provoking concept. As a pivotal part of Khan's ongoing "Bust of Canons" series, this sculpture pushed the boundaries of art and technology, offering a fresh perspective on the fusion of contemporary and historical themes.

Employing iMakr Studio's advanced 3D printing techniques, each section of the sculpture was printed using high-quality materials. The resulting printed components served as the a tangible representation of Khan's artistic concept. Once printed, the individual pieces were assembled to bring "The Liberator" to life.

Top head portion of sculpture 3d printed white
3D Printed Head Piece

As the final step in the creation process, she added a captivating plexiglass pane to the sculpture, enhancing its visual impact and creating an interactive experience for viewers. Additionally, Khan skillfully applied her artistic skill in painting the piece to infuse it with depth, meaning, and emotional resonance.

Lower portion of 3d printed sculpture in block pieces stacked
3D Printed Pieces

"The Liberator" found its rightful place within the esteemed walls of the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington, DC. This piece allows audiences to engage with its captivating form, concept, and profound exploration of themes.

The collaboration between Baseera Khan and our team on "The Liberator" stands as a testament to the transformative power of technology in contemporary art. Through the utilization of 3D printing, and skilled craftsmanship, Khan's vision was brought to life, challenging traditional notions of sculpture and representation. Exhibited at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, this remarkable artwork exemplifies the limitless possibilities that arise when artistic innovation meets cutting-edge technology. As the boundaries of artistic expression continue to expand, collaborations like this pave the way for exciting new horizons in the art world.

Baseera Khan in Studio with plexiglass
Baseera Khan

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