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Baseera Khan - The Protector

The Protector Display In Gallery
The Protector

In the ever-evolving world of art, new technologies continually open up avenues for exploration and creative expression. 3D technology has gained prominence in recent years is 3D scanning and 3D printing. Baseera Khan is an intriguing artist who has harnessed these tools to examine themes of surveillance, desire, and feminine power in her pieces.

Unpainted The Protector Sculpture
3D Figure Before Paint

Baseera Khan’s recent piece, The Protector, from a series called Bust of Canons was scanned, designed and printed with us, here at iMakr Studios. This piece was prominently displayed at a solo booth at Art Basel in Basel, Switzerland, as part of the Statements section. Baseera's choice to incorporate 3D scanning, design, and printing techniques into her work adds a unique dimension to her artistic expression.

Incorporating 3D scanning, design, and printing into Baseera's approach involves scanning her form with antiquities attached, particularly focusing on deities of feminine power and bringing these objects into the here and now. By contextualizing these objects within the contemporary world, The Protector examines the intersection of history, power dynamics, and personal identity.

Headphone Piece of The Protector
Head Piece

Baseera began her foray into 3D scanning, design, and printing in 2020, primarily driven by the circumstances of the pandemic. She acknowledges that achieving the desired print quality can be challenging, as even the slightest imperfections or scratches can evoke new conceptual ideas within artistic pieces. The journey of the 3D process required patience and dedication to allow the technology to work seamlessly with the artistic vision.

The Protector Figure Baseera Khan
The Protector

Baseera's journey into the realm of 3D scanning, design, and printing is a testament to the power of technology in shaping artistic expression. By intertwining concepts of surveillance, desire, and feminine power, the artist's work challenges viewers and invites them to question societal norms. As the artistic landscape continues to evolve, Baseera is undoubtedly poised to make a significant impact with her timeless and thought-provoking investigations.

The Protector Baseera Khan
The Protector

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