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Kevin Kelly - Knife Blue

Kevin Kelly with Knife Blue sculpture
Kevin Kelly with Knife Blue

Kevin Kelly is a sculptor and painter based in Brooklyn, New York. His recent sculpture Knife Blue was done in collaboration with us. Knife Blue is a female form that is also reminiscent of a serrated edge knife. Kevin chose to paint the piece Yves Klein Blue, originally mixed by French artist Yves Klein. This is one of the first sculptures Kevin has done in this color.

Kevin came to us with a 20" model of this piece which we scanned, did some minor adjustments, scaled up and 3D printed for him. He then put the sculpture together, sanded, and painted it.

Knife Model Black
Knife Model

We were not the first 3D company that Kevin worked with, but he came to us with this project instead of our competitors. He reported that not only did we give him a better price, better quality, and better client responsiveness compared to other companies, we went above and beyond for him to make sure his piece was exactly what he wanted.

3D Print Knife
3D Print

3D Print with Model Large
3D Print with Model

Our 3D designer adjusted the holes for the interior rods that hold up the sculpture to the precise diameter of the rods. We also printed sleeves for the rod to guarantee no wobble room. That is why Kevin says he is "definitely coming back to iMakr, those are my guys."

We hope to work with Kevin again on future projects and wish him luck with his exhibition.

Knife Blue at Gallery display
Knife Blue at Gallery

To see more of Kevin Kelly's work visit his website: or

3D printing isn’t just for big companies that need thousands of pieces, we are happy to work with both big and small projects. To learn more about our services or start a project with us call (718) 737-7061 or email


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