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Alexander Mcqueen

The Project: At the launch of Alexander McQueen’s new perfume, the company was looking to make a big splash with a full storefront display at Saks Fifth Avenue New York. They needed to create a wide range of signature elements with a variety of finishes that were consistent with the brands reputation as one of the world’s leading fashion houses. From elegant jasmine flowers to crystal decanters, this project pushed our design and executions capabilities to the limit! The client was so happy with the final results, that these windows were repeated across the globe, in Moscow, Dubai and London.

Alexander McQueen Window Display
Alexander McQueen Window Display Saks Fifth Avenue NY

How we did it: This was a project that required all aspects of the iMakr Studio talent pool. Digital design, scanning, 3D printing, laser cutting, moulding–all used at multiple stages in the project to create beautiful, high-impact objects. And all this done at a price that traditional techniques could not have come close to matching. There are few companies in the world who can match iMakr Studio for inventiveness in design and execution and this project highlighted all our capabilities.


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