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Ian Wright

The Project: Beloved England footballer, Ian Wright, and pundit came to iMakr as a brand ambassador for Floreon, an eco-friendly filament with unique print qualities. The task was to create a lifesize bust of Ian to be printed exclusively in Floreon filament to raise awareness for the brand.

Ian Wright Floreon
Ian Wright

How we did it: We scanned Ian in a variety of ways to create a number of 3D printable models. He first stepped into our Mini-You booth for a full body scan and a 3D file was created using a process called photogrammetry. We then scanned him with a handheld structured light scanner to get the highest definition scan possible of his famous face. The scans were then prepared for printing. A large scale FDM printer loaded with Floreon filament printed multiple Ian’s, of course, in Arsenal red!


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